Extreme Weather Photos Of The Week

The past week brought several big headlines in extreme weather news:

  • Two awe-inspiring rope tornadoes touched down in central Kansas, but didn't cause any damage.
  • An incredible lightning strike was captured off the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and tweeted out by the Department of the Interior.
  • An American Eagle plane was struck twice by lightning after leaving the Detroit airport, but landed safely in New York City.
  • A couple had a shocking start to their wedding as a massive lightning strike lit up their ceremony.
    • HuffPost editor James Gerken reported on a major emissions milestone as atmospheric CO2 concentrations surpassed a 400 PPM daily average for the first time in human history. Al Gore also weighed in. The severity of some extreme weather events has been connected to climate change.

    Check out photos of the week's extreme weather from around the world:



    Extreme Weather Photos 5/12/2013