Exxon On Arkansas Spill: Animals Impacted 'Primarily Venomous Snakes'

Roughly two weeks after Exxon's Pegasus pipeline ruptured in Mayflower, Ark., spilling an estimated 84,000 gallons of crude into residential streets, the oil company has announced that the animals most impacted by the disaster are venomous snakes.

"Approximately 182 live animals have been captured to date," Exxon said in a written update from its Mayflower information center. "Fourteen animals of various species have been released and approximately 27 are still being cleaned. The majority of the impacted wildlife has been reptiles, primarily venomous snakes."

According to its Facebook page, the Helping Arkansas Wild Kritters (HAWK) Center, which has worked to help scores of animals hurt by the March 29 spill, has not rescued any venomous snakes, but has cared for many birds.