Eyal Gever, Artist, Simulates Incredible 3D Catastrophes Frozen In Time (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Tel-Aviv artist Eyal Gever's unusual artwork explores the beauty of catastrophes ranging from nuclear bombs to natural disasters.

Drawing on his years as a software developer and his military experience, he develops simulations showing the impact of explosions on a screen. Gever's 3D simulations capture the terror and breathtaking moments of a disaster event in video and sculpture, using a 3D printer.

"In my art work, I try to create sublime moments...I create sculptures that are based on 3D physical simulations technologies that I've developed that allows you to see the world through the eye of a high-speed 3D simulated camera," Gever tells the Huffington Post.

Below, you'll see photos of Gever's sculptures of tsunamis, flooding and debris from an explosion. You can catch more of his work at

Eyal Gever

Watch a nuclear bomb explode in slow motion.

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