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Eyebrow Tips For Thicker, Bolder Brows In 3 Minutes

Brow obsession feels like it's reached a fever pitch as of late. We all know that it's a subtle touch that can quickly make you look a million times better, but doesn't scream 'I made a huge effort!' Basically, we can't get enough. We worked with brow specialist Joey Healy to create a 3-minute guide to bigger, bolder, better brows. Check out these simple tips, then click through the gallery below for product suggestions.

Minute 1: Tame Unruliness Using a spooly brush, direct the hair upward at a 45-degree angle, advises Healy. To hold the hairs in place, swipe on a clear brow gel. "This one product will make eyebrows look more tidy, and will give the appearance of an instant eyelift," says Healy. "After brushing through clear gel, pinch tails to fake a tighter, cleaner look, even if your brows are in need of a touchup."

Minute 2: Instant Polish "Without reshaping or redesigning your brows, remove obvious strays low on the eyelid and between what I call ‘no man’s land,’ the space between your tail and temple." says Healy. "This will make your brows look instantly presentable."

Minute 3: Fill In Sparseness "If you would like to add some color to your brows but are in a time crunch, focus on the outer half of your brows, from arch to tail, and use an eyebrow pencil," says Healy. "After adding product, a few quick strokes with an eyebrow brush will blend flawlessly."

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3-Minute Guide To Better Brows

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