Natalie Braha, Sales Associate, Shares Her Perfect Eyebrow Tips

Once we notice perfectly groomed brows on someone, it's pretty hard for us to stop staring at their face. So you'd understand why we had to stop Natalie Braha on the street to get her eyebrow tips.

The sales associate told us that she doesn't get her brows waxed. Instead, she just plucks the sparse hairs around them and uses Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil and Brow Gel "to keep those babies nice and tidy."

"I like to go with the shape of my brows," said Braha. "I fill in where they get lighter, rather than filling in the whole thing. Then, I brush it afterwards to make [my brows] look less harsh." And that's how you get beautiful brows, ladies!

beauty street style

Beauty Street Style: Natalie Braha

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