Eyebrows Have It For 2017 The Best Eyebrows And Tips For You

Over the years, women have focused on various body parts and features. The eyes always have it and and the butt -- well Kim Kardashian set the standard for the bigger the better in that lower hemisphere. But, no pun intended, this year started everyone taking a careful look at their eyebrows. Grooming has never been so concentrated. Eyebrow products? There's a plethora of products to get the big brow, the groomed brow or the mean brow. But what's right for YOU? You can end up spending big money that still doesn't define your look. And seriously, can the eyebrow really be as big a deal with defining your face as everyone makes out?

I talk to the guru of eyebrows in his midtown New York City salon. Featured in the major fashion magazines, Sebastian Latiolais of Brows by Sebastian NYC is the go- to person to talk eyebrows. For over 15 years, Sebastian has been known as the makeup and eyebrow expert in the entertainment world.

Sebastian was quick to point out, history has always emphasized the eyebrow. Where was I in the history class with this little tidbit? From the Egyptians with their thick brows to the shaved off merry old Englanders to the Queen Elizabeth putting her royal foot down to the shaving and drawing her red lined brow. Brows have been a big deal through the years.

Now, that we know they are important, what's the best way to shape them?

According to Sebastian, it's a big mistake to do waxing or threading.

I know, it's cheaper, faster and probably stays cleaner longer but Sebastian brought out the two big negatives -- 1. Wrinkles will happen from the pulling of the delicate eye area and 2. Ever had a waxing strip too much? Fugly days for sure unless you have some seriously long bangs!

The best brow is tweezed. But wait! Put down those tweezers and back away! Doing your own eyebrows is like cutting your own hair. It's probably not going to turn out quite right. Emphasis on the probably not! Women (and men) need to go and have it done professionally by someone who has an "eye" for your face type... your whole look.

A great eyebrow look can may your eyes bigger, your face slimmer, and in fact it can work a little magic! Listen to my talk with Sebastian and learn the way of your eyebrows!