11 Award-Winning Photographers Tell Stories Of Life Across The Globe

Photographers from Brooklyn to Japan are represented in the 2015 EyeEm Awards.

What if you could hop from Brooklyn to Tokyo to Berlin in the blink of an eye? It’d be nothing short of a miracle -- not to mention an exciting, enriching experience -- to witness the everyday dramas unfolding during a given second across the globe. Yet scrolling through award-winning photos has that effect; photographers, adept as they are at freezing funny or perplexing moments, offer a quick look at the essence of a place and the people in it.

This year’s EyeEm Awards, billing themselves as the world’s largest photography competition, are no exception. The winners, chosen from a pool of 200,000 submissions, are divvied up into categories including fashion, food, portraiture and photojournalism, and nearly each manages to avoid the banal stereotypes of its genre. 

The winner for architectural photography, for example, does much more than capture stunning, geometric buildings. Instead, Jan Tong shows a snow-covered city dotted with white, snowflake-like skyscrapers, captivating in their uniformity.

Winners from other categories hail from Qatar, Lithuania, Italy and beyond. The contest’s overall winner, Porter Yates, is based in Brooklyn, but is lauded for his images of Southeast Asia. EyeEm’s description of his work reads:

“Porter addresses the question of what it means to be an outsider, which everyone feels at some point in time, while also showing the viewer the significance of being part of a culture or community. The way people connect to the world is what really defines his outstanding body of work.”

Below is a roundup of the 11 EyeEm Award-winning photographers to watch out for:

The Moment

Arsenio Nidoy Jr., @ArsenicJunior

From Doha, Qatar

The Action Photographer

Dainius Dirgėla, @dainiu

From Vilnius, Lithuania

The Street Photographer

Dan Szpara, @danszp

From Tokyo, Japan

The Foodie

Fiorella Macor, @fiorellamacor

From Muggia, Trieste, Italy

The Portraitist

Hiroki Fujitani, ​@hirokifujitani

From Saitama, Japan

The Architect

Jan Tong, ​@jantong

From Hong Kong

The Photojournalist

Lino Guardian Escandor II, @linusescandor

From Manila, Philippines

The Fashionist

Stefan Dotter, ​@stefandotter

From Berlin, Germany

The Great Outdoors

Varun Abhaykumar Dahotre, ​@Varunikon

From Pune, India

The Traveler

Yu­-Chen Chiu, @yuchenart

From Brooklyn, New York, USA

2015 EyeEm Photographer of the Year

Porter Yates, @porteryates

From Brooklyn, New York, USA

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