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Eyeliner Icons: Cleopatra, Brigitte Bardot, Rihanna & More Classic Inspiration (PHOTOS)

Ladies, take note.

There are a handful of women whose signature makeup looks have achieved icon status. When it comes to eyeliner, Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren are endlessly mentioned in magazines and the like as style points of reference. While different ladies through the years have put their own spin on the eye makeup, it's hard to not defer to the original foremother of the look: Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor did a fine job reinterpreting the Egyptian queen in the 1963 film).

Graphic winged eyeliner, which was popularized during the sixties, continues to evolve, yet still always feel like a riff off of the original. Today, stars like Rihanna and Emma Stone often rely on the look for an instantly retro, sexy effect. Inspired, we amassed a look book of our favorite eyeliner moments. While mastering application takes a serious skill set, you do not need a steady hand, however, to flip through our slideshow of eyeliner icons.

Eyeliner Icons

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