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Eyeliner Tips That Make Drawing The Perfect Cat-Eye Super Easy

(Image Source: David Lewis Taylor via Getty Images)

Winged eyeliner is one of the most difficult makeup looks to accomplish. It requires precision to draw the perfect line and repeat the same angle on the other eye. But fear not! What can take hours of practice to learn can be simplified by following the steps below. Check out the best hacks that YouTube beauty tutorials have to offer.

Step 1: Decide the shape of your cat eye.
Step 2: Create a dotted line in the desired shape.
Step 3: Connect the dotted line.
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Step 1: Use gel liner with an angled brush.
Step 2: Draw a thin line along the lash line, then a second line slightly above it.
Step 3: Flick the line out.
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Step 1: Use your eyeliner pen to plan your winged eyeliner at a 45 degree angle.
Step 2: Begin drawing by starting from the center and working your way out.
Step 3: Use a cotton swab to clean up any mistakes.
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Step 1: Draw a line at the center of the eye.
Step 2: Extend the line to cover the width of the eye.
Step 3: Set a piece of tape to guide the angle of your cat eye and fill in.
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Step 1: Mark four diagonal lines outlining the direction of your line with a pen or gel eyeliner.
Step 2: Use the lines as guides to trace the shape of your cat eye.
Step 3: Switch from a pen eyeliner to a liquid brush tipped liner to paint in the cat eye.
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