Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With These 5 Makeup Tricks (VIDEO)

With so many advances in cosmetic surgery, you can walk out of the doctor's office with chiseled arms like Michelle Obama or a round-tip nose like Kate Middleton. But we're all about enhancing physical features without going the nip-and-tuck route.

Keeping in line with this body acceptance belief, PopSugar Beauty reporter Kirbie shows us five makeup tricks in the video above that will make small eyes look bigger:

Trick 1: Peach eyeliner has been one of our go-tos to instantly brighten up our orbs. When it's applied on the waterline, it also makes the white of the eyes appear lower, and thus bigger.

Trick 2: Brushing your brows upward isn't just a great grooming habit, but it also draws the eyes upward and increases lid space. And don't forget to tweeze or wax those stray hairs.

Trick 3: Highlighting the inner corners of the eyes and right above the pupils with a gilded shadow will also make eyes look bigger no matter their shape.

Trick 4: Draw on a black, winged-out line (only on the top lids) to elongate the eye.

Trick 5: To get that doe-eye look: lash curling and lots of mascara.

Have you tried any of these "bigger eyes" makeup tricks?

It's all about eyeliner:

Eyeliner Icons

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