Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes and Green Eyes (VIDEO)

Brighten eye color with makeup artist Carmindy's easy tips for choosing the best eyeshadow for brown eyes, the best eyeshadow for blue eyes and the best eyeshadow for green and hazel eyes. "Opposites attract!," she says. "Just look on a color wheel and find the shade that's opposite your natural eye color - this tone will make your orbs look their brightest." Watch on as Carmindy guides us through the best shades of eyeshadow and eyeliner to pop brown, blue, green and hazel eyes.

CARMINDY'S TIP Here's another trick for brighter eyes that sparkle - look at the flecks in your irises. Are they white or gold? Play up these tiny flecks with a same color eyeshadow - it'll make your eyes look extra glittery.