Ezra Klein Announces New Venture With Vox Media

Ezra Klein finally revealed his new media venture on Sunday.

In a post on The Verge, Klein said that he would be forming a news website under Vox Media. Vox owns The Verge and Eater, among other sites.

"You can't print a newspaper telling readers everything they need to know about the world, day after day. But you can print a newspaper telling them what they need to know about what happened on Monday. The constraint of newness was crucial.

The web has no such limits."

Klein is joined by Slate's Matt Yglesias, as well as the Washington Post's Melissa Bell and Dylan Matthews. Check out his full announcement here.

Klein announced last week that he would be leaving WaPo to start his own publication. The New York Times first reported that he was in talks with Vox Media.