Fighter Pilot Takes Jaw-Dropping Selfie After Launching A Missile

This Royal Danish Air Force pilot has elevated the art of the selfie. Literally.

Cruising high above the North Sea, the pilot, identified as Thomas Kristensen by ABC News, captured a selfie immediately after launching an AIM-9 Sidewinder missile. The shot also includes the complete wingspan of the F-16, an endless stretch of clouds and the blue sky.

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royal danish air force missile selfie

We aren't entirely certain how the pilot managed to capture this unique shot, but there seems to be a GoPro reflected in his helmet visor, which would help explain Kristensen's seemingly impeccable timing. (The selfie is probably a capture from a video of the event.)

Though the selfie was originally posted to Facebook in October 2012, ABC speculates it has gained viral boost on account of Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded "Oscar selfie," which has prompted renewed interest in particularly epic self-portraits.



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