F. Murray Abraham Stuns Stephen Colbert With Oscar Statue Secret

"The White Lotus" actor revealed how the Academy Award statue he won for "Amadeus" plays a part in his performances.

Actor F. Murray Abraham on Wednesday stunned “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert with a revelation about the Academy Award statue he won for the 1984 movie “Amadeus.”

Abraham said the Oscar statue had “appeared in every play I’ve ever done” since being named Best Actor, because it “brought me so many goodies.”

“Here in New York, on Broadway, off-Broadway, at concerts, he always has,” Abraham explained. “I give him to the stage manager. I say, ‘Listen, hide him on the stage so where the audience can’t see him, where the cast can discover him, just for fun.’”

Colbert was visibly surprised by the admission from the “The White Lotus” and “The Magic Flute” star.

“That’s a hell of a flex,” the late-night host told Abraham. “I gotta say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, did put my Oscar in your scene? I didn’t realize he was there.’”

Colbert later noted that his show is filmed on a Broadway stage and asked if the Oscar had accompanied Abraham to his interview.

Abraham feigned innocence before Colbert, assisted by the audience, found the statue hidden by a Captain America shield.

Watch the full interview here:

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