Buy F. Scott Fitzgerald's Old Home And Make It Your Side Of Paradise

What are you waiting for, old sport?

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 120th birthday is Sept. 24th, and what better way to celebrate than buying the acclaimed author’s old house?

OK, so at $625,000, that’s a pretty expensive birthday celebration. But for The Great Gatsby author, isn’t that kind of fitting?

Courtesy of Brad Palecek Edina Realty

The three-story row house, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, has been on the market since June and actually belonged to Fitzgerald’s parents, according to the Washington Post. But it was the home in which, at age 22, he wrote This Side of Paradise, the debut novel that launched Fitzgerald’s career and helped him land jazz age dream girl Zelda Sayre.

Courtesy of Brad Palecek Edina Realty

Besides Fitzgerald’s brooding ghost, (he died of a heart attack in 1940), the home’s assets include natural woodwork, vaulted ceilings, and a whirlpool in one of the multiple bathrooms. Oh yeah, it’s also freaking gorgeous, inside and out.

Courtesy of Brad Palecek Edina Realty

And frankly, it kind of sounds like the place could use owners who are a little more appreciative of its former owner’s eccentricities.

“You know Scott, was, umm, a leader in the moment of decadence,” Michael Jones, who has shared the home with his wife, Nancy, for the past 19 years, told WaPo. “He and Zelda were the leading partyers of the day. I’ve thought of myself as having more middle-class American values.”

Jones also said that of Fitzgerald’s works, he’s read The Great Gatsby and This Side of Paradise, adding, “I didn’t feel compelled to read any others.”

Wow, burn.

Keep in mind, though, that moving into the home means dealing with a slew of fans making a Fitzgerald pilgrimage — Jones told the Pioneer Press back in June that someone shows up at the home “every single day.”

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