F-word-ing Bull-s-word!

Megyn Kelly and Bill Maher may not be journalists in the classic sense, but they do explore important issues in their own ways. Bill Maher used “the n-word” preceded by the word “house” to mock a Republican. Would it have changed things if he’d said: “I am not your house-n-word.”? This is magical thinking, completely ignores context, and has a chilling effect on free speech. Ms. Kelly just interviewed Alex Jones, a disgusting lunatic with a megaphone. That’s her job! Should she only interview “good” people? How do we a-word-ess how bad bad people are if no one talks to them? Under the “Alex Jones rule” some would argue journalists should stop going to the White House.

In a world that’s “entertaining itself to death” with trivia (who’s f-word-ing who, etc), we should be grateful to anyone doing anything that has any substance whatsoever, and if they f-word up occasionally, don’t be a c-word, support them. What they do is rare and hard and attacking them is censorship, however well-intentioned.

From water to willpower, we’ve learned that almost all resources are limited, including outrage. Children are getting bombed to death in Syria and Republicans are trying to strip healthcare from the most vulnerable people in America. For f-word’s sake, don’t waste your outrage-energy on this Bill and Megyn s-word.

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