Fabian Ciraolo's Historical Figures As Modern Day Fast Crowd (PHOTOS)

Historical Figures As Hipsters

Have you ever fantasized about living in another era? About hanging out in cafes with Matisse, Picasso and Gertrude Stein? Full disclosure: we understood how Owen Wilson felt in Midnight In Paris. But Fabian Ciraolo envisions an entirely different scenario: he brings history's classic heros and heroines to us, rendering them as sleeve-tattooed, band shirt sporting, camera loving socialite hot messes.

Dali reps a Vampire Weekend shirt while Cleopatra has a pretty risque Justice tattoo. Jesus is a crazy fashionisto and Kahlo is looking like a chain smoker with serious attitude. Is it blasphemy or is it hilarious? Check out the slideshow of the ultimate in-crowd.

Fabian Ciraolo

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