Fabio Viviani Tries To Redeem Himself With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon was a guest judge on the Top Chef episode that Fabio Viviani was told to pack his knives. "I am so sorry," apologized Jimmy.

Fabio was kicked off for not making a good enough burger, so he attempted to redeem himself last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. "I can't pronounce them, but I love them," explains Fabio.

Jimmy and Fabio battle to see who actually makes a better burger -- Jimmy puts french fries atop the patty while Fabio goes for a fried egg. "This looks like a stomachache," Fabio says about Jimmy's burger.

During the judging, Fabio gets nervous. "I'm freaking out Jimmy. I cannot get kicked out twice from the same person."

See who wins the burger battle below:

Part I:

Part II: