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Fabulous In Your 40s

It's that time of year again. The September issue ofis out -- all 856 pages of glossy fabulousness. And just like every year, I will happily devour every one of them, trying to shape, in my mind, my grown up look.
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It's that time of year again. The September issue of Vogue is out -- all 856 pages of glossy fabulousness. And just like every year, I will happily devour every one of them, trying to shape, in my mind, my grown up look.

At 44 -- which technically is well into being considered a grown up -- I have yet to master the look I aspire to. My style of dressing consists of what is basically a series of uniforms. Designer jeans with a white button down shirt or tee, silk shirts and slim black pants, form fitting dresses (preferably RVN and Karen Millen) and causal print pants with a tank top or a maxi dress for weekends.

Pretty much everything except my Pilates clothes (and even those -- black Lululemon or Phat Budha leggings and a Gap tank top) is all I wear. Now mind you, my closet is very full and I am often giving clothes away to my best friends Kim and Virginia and my daughter, Lexi, but then I seem to buy exactly the same things over again. And while I love my "uniforms" it would be nice to branch out a bit.

Being in your 40s is an interesting time for dressing. You are still young enough to be somewhat experimental but can no longer get away with every trend that comes along. You can go the sophisticated look a la Vogue, you can go the more casual, yet in it's own way elegant, jean look a la Jennifer Aniston and then there is everything in between from busy executive, pampered housewife to sports lover. All the way to soccer mom in relaxed capri jeans and comfortable shoes -- a look which absolutely terrifies me. These are obviously all clichés but you get the point. There are some people, though, who just seem to always get it right like my friend Ana Bogusky. Check out her blog Mrs. American Made to see for yourself and get inspired.

I interview many women on my show Perspectives, who look fabulous and are truly comfortable with themselves and in their own skin.

Here are some of the top tips I have culled from my guests, friends and of course, Vogue:

10 Keys To Looking Fabulous In Your 40s

1. Dress for the body you actually have, not the one you wish you had. I once read an article about Olatz Schnabel. She said that by 35, a woman should understand her body and dress to compliment it. I've always remembered that and agree completely.

2. Do not try to follow every trend. Or almost any trend.

3. Don't shop in the juniors department. You're done there. Trust me.

4. Invest in quality clothes and shoes. If your feet hurt it's hard to feel great no matter how good you look. Make sure to mix in some fun lower-end things to liven things up.

5. Wear things that fit. Too tight does not make you look thinner and too short is rarely flattering.

6. Be realistic about what looks good on you -- and don't feel bad about what doesn't work. You are old enough to know that as lovely as everyone looks in Vogue -- they are all airbrushed and many are really hungry!

7. Exercise, eat well and drink plenty of water. Your clothes will fit better and you will feel better wearing them.

8. Spend time and money on your skin and hair. After 40, it's even more important.

9. Tailor everything. Clothes look better when they fit you perfectly.

10. Know that there is nothing as beautiful as confidence. Yes, yes, corny -- but so true. Confidence is mesmerizing.

I love how my friend Tanya puts it: "As I age gracefully or not depending on how you look at it, I am profoundly comfortable in my own skin. With all of my inadequacies and shortcomings. I no longer have a need to try and package myself into something that I am not." For Tanya her appearance is less about clothes and as it turns out it meant getting a tattoo recently. At 47.

As for me, tomorrow I am cutting my hair. A lot. Although it may be slightly diminished as it currently seems to be the trend, but I don't think I will have long hair again. It just does not feel right for me anymore. Although luckily it's just hair and it can grow if I change my mind. Which is something you can do in your 40s. So here is to new haircuts, dressing well, feeling fabulous and having great friends to inspire you every step of the way.

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