'Fabulous Nobodies,' New Film From R.J. Cutler, Now Being Cast

Since "Valentino: The Last Emperor," "The September Issue," "Bill Cunningham New York" and the like, we've been jonesing for some good fashion films to come along.

Cue "Fabulous Nobodies," the latest project by "The September Issue" director R.J. Cutler. Cutler will be overseeing the film adaptation of Lee Tulloch's novel of the same name, published in 1989.

Tulloch was a former Vogue Australia editor and editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar Australia, but ditched it all (er, "was dismissed after nine issues for being a little too creative") to come to New York City and write a novel about, well, fabulous nobodies.

The book centers on Reality Nirvana Tuttle, the ever-discerning doorgirl at the Less Is More nightclub. "Life is cruel to people who aren't fabulous," she quips fabulously, and no fabulous people will ever find their way into Less Is More: "You can't bribe me... Why, Mother Theresa couldn't get in there unless she did something about her hair." Zing!

Now, Women's Wear Daily reports, the search is on to find the real-life Reality Nirvana Tuttle -- or at least one who can play her for the movie.

Former V executive editor Julie Anne Quay described the movie to WWD as "'Emma' meets 'Clueless,'" (which is totally redundant, but we get her drift). So ostensibly, we're looking for a bubbly, sassy, Cher Horowitz type who will look excellent in trashy 80s club clothes.

Grazia had a few suggestions, including Emma Stone, Blake Lively and current It-girl Jennifer Lawrence. But let's get a serious brainstorm going: which Hollywood star could best throw out this Reality Nirvana Tuttle bon mot: "Life is cruel to people who aren't fabulous"?

Read more at WWD.com, check out the movie's Facebook page for developments and for kicks, watch the trailer for "The September Issue" below. You know you want to.


CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that the former V executive editor was Julia Anne Quay. Her name is in fact Julie Anne Quay.