9 Pretty And Practical Face Mask Chains

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 and look stylish at the same time.

There have been many iterations of lockdown, including evolving guidance on face coverings. We now know that face masks are the best defense we have against spreading the coronavirus.

And as “Tiger King” season gave way to tie-dye season, face mask trends changed, too. There are now tons of cute options — and even ways to accessorize them.

We’re especially hooked on face mask chains.

These face mask holders seem like a no-brainer: They’re perfect for easily removing and putting on your mask, as well as for keeping it handy so you don’t forget to leave the house with it. Plus, they just look really pretty.

Below, find nine of our favorite face mask chains, from dainty to gold-plated, to look safe and stylish.

Naita US Blush Face Mask Chain with White Face Mask
The Darling Corner Face Mask Chain
Donni Acetate Mask / Sunny Chain

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