Face Slapping Treatments Offered At San Francisco Massage Parlor For $350 (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

You Won't Believe What This Massage Parlor Is Selling For $350

A new San Francisco massage parlor is offering a pricey beauty treatment that claims to lift more than just your eyebrows: a $350 slap in the face.

Tata Massage, opening Tuesday, advertises the face slapping treatment, which includes rigorous slapping, pinching and smoothing, as a natural alternative to chemical skin firming treatments like Botox.

Bangkok-native Tata, the owner of her eponymous San Francisco salon, claims the method has been passed down for generations, and promises the treatment will make patrons "so beautiful that [their] beauty will charm everyone" on her website.

But though the method's effectiveness might be questionable, Tata certainly did not dream up the idea: the treatment has gained popularity in Thailand. Tata is one of only ten licensed face-slappers in the world, and now the only one in the Western Hemisphere.

In theory, the treatment helps lift and firm up one's complexion without the use of chemicals. And some believe a similar method can firm and enhance breast size, as well.

"I learned face-slapping because I believe it is a one hundred percent natural beauty treatment," said one student learning the technique to the Bangkok Post. The student then held up before and after photos from her personal treatments.

But does it actually work?

San Francisco Chronicle reporter Steve Rubenstein sampled Tata Massage's offerings and recounted his experience.

Want to try the treatment yourself? Stop by Tata Massage when it opens this Tuesday.

Flip through our slideshow of beauty treatments from around the world below, and then watch the San Francisco Chronicle video on Tata Massage's face slapping treatments:


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