POOF! Vaping Couple’s Face Swap Goes Up In Smoke

When was the last time your face floated away?

Face swapping while vaping might be the coolest and/or scariest thing you and your tobacco-addicted companion can possibly do.

In a YouTube and Instagram video that's exploding on social media, a man's face floats away after he and another person use a face swap app. 

But is this all a bunch of hot air?

We've yet to make contact with the person who posted this video to find out if it has been doctored, but we'd love to know for sure if this is just a case of the face-swapping app apparently getting confused.

In the video, a cloud of vapor blocks a man's face. The woman's face is imposed on that cloud. It floats away and bursts. 

As seen -- and heard -- hilarity ensued.

Apparently some of the best ideas go up in smoke.