Face the Mirror, McCain

How can you look at yourself in the mirror, Senator?

McCain has become a pathetic shell of a man. He built a career in government based on personal integrity and decency. Although he was never perfect--he has an ugly temper and once made a cruel joke about the unattractiveness of a seventeen-year-old Chelsea Clinton--he was a man who had the balls to tell Swaggart, Robertson and Co. to shut-up.

He left those balls somewhere out on the Alaskan tundra.

He lost his 2000 campaign for president in part because of ugly rumors spread by the Bush clan about his pill-popping wife and Bangladeshi daughter. He's had the crap shoved in his face first-hand.

He now slings poo harder than a spider monkey.

He once recognized that ridiculous earmarks and pork-laden bills harmed the citizens of this country and contributed to a growing cynicism of government.

He just tapped one of the biggest pork pigs around as his number two.

Here's my suggestion: At every McCain appearance, go and HOLD UP A MIRROR. Wave it high. Let the reflection shine bright into those lost eyes.

Maybe he'll catch a glimpse. Maybe he'll see the man he once was. Maybe he doesn't want his legacy to be the man who lost his soul. Maybe he'll stop the bullshit.

LOOK IN THE MIRROR, SENATOR. Take a very long look.