These 3D Printed 'Face Vases' Are A Real Thing You Can Own

There is something very SNL sketch-worthy about the "Fahz," a customized vase imprinted with the faces of those you love.

Maybe it's the pleasantly dorky Kickstarter video associated with it, in which a couple in matching glasses and black tops make sure to pronounce "fahz" simultaneously (they're adorable). Maybe it's the name "Fahz" itself, which sounds vaguely dirty but is actually quite clever. It's about time someone made light fun of how silly it sounds when a person says "vahs" when they mean "vayse"! Flat A's are American as apple (ayple?) pie.

And so, we support everything to do with this project. It's camp yet futuristic (3D printer is needed, therefore Kickstarter!), cheesy yet weird, and best of all, in the service of getting you to put flowers inside the outlines of your kids' fahzes. You obviously need to do that.

Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, we thought we'd just gently float this across the internet. Behold (in the video above), the only piece of customizable art you'll ever need.



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