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Faye Zhong, Nurse, And Her No-Fuss Face Washing Routine

Most of the women who catch our attention on the streets of New York City aren't wearing tons of makeup or over-the-top hairstyles. (Though we do love seeing super bright lipsticks and rainbow-colored hair.) So when we bumped into Faye Zhong, we assumed she was sporting two to three beauty products max. But she had us fooled.

Turns out there's an entire production behind this young nurse's Cali-cool look. From concealer to foundation to liquid eyeliner, Zhong is quite the makeup fanatic. She even learned how to apply false eyelashes by watching YouTube videos. "I don't go out without them, so I can literally do it with my eyes closed," she said.

But what really threw us for a loop is when we asked Zhong about her face washing routine. "I just rinse my face with water. I do use Neutrogena to get off my eye makeup, but sometimes I sleep with it on," she explained. It would take a whole lot more effort for us to wash off that much makeup.

face washing Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas

Beauty Street Style: Faye Zhong

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