Facebook Alternatives: 10 New Social Networks To Join If Facebook's Too Corporate For You

Sick Of Facebook? Try These 10 Alternatives Instead

Now that Facebook is a public company (or will be by the end of the week) and will be making regular appearances on channels like CNBC and Fox Business, you might be thinking that the once-cool social network is getting a little too corporate for your tastes.

If so, you have options. Facebook alternatives have been around as long as Facebook has (R.I.P Friendster), and a bunch of upstarts would be glad to have you if you're fleeing Zucks' behemoth. We've gathered up nine alternatives you might want to try on your way out. With apologies to Facebook (and its corporate competitor, Google+), these smaller alternatives might be better options for those shying away from the whole megalithic-corporation-thing:


10 Non-Corporate Facebook Alternatives

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