UPDATE: Angela Voelkert's Fake Teen Facebook Profile Apparently Reveals Hoax, Not Murder Plot

UPDATE: The tables seem to have turned on Angela Voelkert, a woman who reportedly thought that she had caught her ex-husband confessing that he was looking for somebody to "put a cap in her ass for $10,000."

Using an apparently fake Facebook profile that might have allowed her to gather information to help in their children's custody battle (see original report below), Angela conversed with her then-husband David, who allegedly admitted to putting a GPS tracking device on her car and looking for a somebody to "take care of her." The FBI arrested David and criminal charges were filed.

But it seems David has been released from custody after proving he knew the person behind the profile was Angela all along, reports the Smoking Gun.

To support this contention, Voelkert provided FBI agents with a May 25 notarized affidavit in which he describes receiving a friend request from “Jessica Studebaker,” whom he suspected was his ex-wife. “I am lying to this person,” he stated, “to gain positive proof that it is indeed my ex-wife trying to again tamper in my life.” He added, “In no way do I have plans to leave with my children or do any harm to Angela Dawn Voelkert or anyone else.”

The allegedly incriminating Facebook messages sent by Voelkert came on May 31, six days after his sworn affidavit was notarized. Voelkert kept one copy of the affidavit, and gave a relative a second copy for safekeeping.

With all the twists and turns as this story played out on Facebook, at least one description of a relationship has never been more true. It's complicated.


Angela Voelkert thought she could get a little dirt on her husband using a fake Facebook profile. She uncovered something far more sinister, say authorities.

The 29-year-old Indiana woman created a faux Facebook account that appeared to belong to a teenage girl. Using the profile, she began conversing with her soon-to-be ex-husband, who seemed more than ready to put an end to an already messy divorce. According to the New York Post, David, 38, allegedly confessed through Facebook that he had not only planted a GPS tracking device on his wife's van, but was using it to pinpoint the perfect location where he would have her killed.

"I am going to find someone to take care of her and now it will be easier because I know where she is at all times," he allegedly wrote.

He reportedly asked the "girl" on Facebook if she knew any "gang-bangers" at her school that would do the job for $10,000, according to the Post.

Fox News reported that the identity of the girl Voelkert used for the profile picture, and from where she obtained the the photo, is unknown.

"Once she is gone, I don't have to hide with my kids," Voelkert's husband wrote, according to court papers. "I can do what I want and not have to worry about not seeing my family anymore. You should find someone at your school. There should be some gang-bangers there that would put a cap in her ass for $10,000. I am done with her crap!"

This is the second murder attempt that seems to have been uncovered using Facebook in the past two days.