How To Get Your Family To Stop Embarrassing You On Facebook

Family is embarrassing, and now that older generations are on Facebook, your family can embarrass you in front of all your friends.

Thankfully, Reddit user soIheard has created an app to keep your family and friends separate on Facebook. It's called FamilyMatters, and it posts your statuses on Facebook twice, once for your family to see and once for your friends to see. That way, your weird cousin's disturbing comments on your statuses stay hidden from your friends.

Here's what you'll see when you post a status:

facebook app family

That first one is the one people listed on Facebook as my family can see, and the second status is what everyone else sees. The comment is from my mom, and only other family members can see it.

Without the app, you can still choose who sees your status updates by choosing a group like "friends" or "family." FamilyMatters just does all of the work for you by posting each status twice. Anyone not in the designated "family" group falls into the "friends" category.

You may notice that the two statuses are not exactly identical. Facebook doesn't allow you to post the exact same thing twice in a row, so the app adds an ellipsis to the end of the status that your family sees to work around that rule. Plus, people who are bad at the Internet tend to add ellipses to everything they write online. You're fitting in with your target demographic!

But those of you who have savvy family members beware: Everything you post through FamilyMatters says "via FamilyMatters" at the bottom. Your mom might be able to figure out that you're attempting to write statuses just for her.

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