Facebook Will Stop Torturing You With Photos Of Your Ex

The social network has some new tools to help you move on with your post-breakup life.

Remember when Facebook had no chill about reminding you of your ex? You'd be scrolling through your News Feed after an emotional day and suddenly it'd be all, "Hey, that person who just ripped out your heart and stepped on it? They're at the ballet right now -- here's a photo!" Not cool, Facebook.

Luckily, the social network is looking to fix that. On Thursday, it announced some new filtering tools people can use after a breakup to limit the amount of stuff you and your ex see from each other.


The first one makes sure your ex's name and profile pic appear less often in your Feed -- you won't have to unfriend or block them. The tool will also prevent Facebook from suggesting your former partner's name when you go to send a message or tag friends in photos.

This is great, because there's really nothing worse than posting new pics and having Facebook suggest your sweet old grandpa be tagged as your ex-boyfriend. (I'm sorry I bought them the same sweater, Facebook!)


The second tool helps limit the photos, status updates and videos that your ex will see. So, sure, feel free to have your friends tag you in that embarrassing video of you flopping around in a ball pit. Your ex won't see it!


The last tool lets you edit who can see your past posts with your ex and untag yourself from posts with that person.

That romantic photo of you and your old beau kissing under mistletoe from three Christmases ago? Untag it with reckless abandon, friend.

Kudos to Facebook for cleaning up the social media graveyard of our lost loves.

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