Dummies Arrested After Bragging About Alleged Burglary On Facebook


Two Florida men learned the hard way that it's best not to brag about your alleged crimes on social media.

Raderius Glenn Collins, 18, allegedly posted a Facebook Live video in May under the name Collins Raderius in which he and two friends flashed stacks of money and boasted that "we got a safe."

(NOTE: Video contains strong language.)

Police used the video to arrest Collins as well as 27-year-old Marcus Terrell Parker for two alleged burglaries. A third suspect remains at large.

The video is still online, and in a June 13 post, Collins blamed Facebook for "snitchin."

The men were accused of stealing a safe with more than $500,000 in jewelry from one home, and jewelry worth more than $10,000 from another home, according to NBC Miami.

The suspects were not only lousy at being crooks, they were even worse at cutting deals for stolen goods.

"The jewelry that they sold was valued at $500,000, but they sold it and got $1,300 each," one official told 7 News in Miami.

Police said they recovered the jewelry and other items, and that the men may have been involved in more crimes.

"These men have committed crimes throughout the county," Village of Pinecrest communications manager Michelle Hammontree told CBS Miami. "They happen to have been arrested in Pinecrest but there’s cases open in the county for them as well."

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