'Facebook Cleavage' Subreddit Reminds Us Just How Incredibly Creepy The Internet Can Be

While some Reddit threads offer thoughtful, constructive conversations about sex and gender, other forums remind us what a sexist, disappointing place the site can be.

A new subreddit, r/FacebookCleavage (NSFW link), invites users to upload sexy images of their Facebook friends for the rest of the site to ogle. That is to say, it's focused entirely on objectifying women who don't even know their photographs may be on the site.

The subreddit has five rules, none of which are "ask women for permission to share photographs of them":

  1. 1. Find sexy pictures of your hot Facebook friends. Upload the pictures to imgur.com, and submit them here.
  2. 2. Doesn't have to be cleavage. Any sexy pic will do.
  3. 3. Don't post pics that don't come from Facebook.You will be banned
  4. 4. Only post people of age. Underage posts will be removed. And user banned. Report underage posts to the mods.
  5. 5. Please don't mention real names.

There are no limits to how many images of one woman you can share, which has led to many Redditors posting entire albums dedicated to one person, or mentioning that more pictures are "available on request." One particularly creepy person wrote: "I'm not quite sure how to proceed, I have over 500 photos of this girl and imgur only lets me put 30 in an album. Anyone got any advice for where to upload a zip that I'd be able to post a DL link to here?"

The thread currently has 16,742 subscribers, many of whom comment on images stating the explicit things they'd like to do to the women featured. Some of the more tame comments are things like "The things I would do to pack her lunchbox" and, in reference to Spring Break season, "It's that time of year, gentlemen. Happy hunting." The rest, we'll leave to your imagination.

Reposting friends' Facebook images does not violate Facebook's privacy policy, perhaps based on a presumption of human decency that, as we've learned in the past, doesn't always exist on the Internet.

And here's our message to anyone who thinks posting images of other people to this thread is okay because they're "on the Internet already": Sharing images of yourself to a carefully curated audience of friends is one thing -- being plastered all over the Internet for the enjoyment of predatory, anonymous users is another.

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