Facebook COO Says 'Email Is Probably Going Away' (VIDEO)

Will Facebook Kill Email?

Is email becoming obsolete?

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg seems to think so.

At Nielsen's Consumer 360 conference on Tuesday, Sandberg said that only 11% of teens use email daily.

"If you want to know what people like us will do tomorrow," she told a crowded conference hall, "you look at what teenagers are doing today." She then predicted that email is "probably going away." "I can't imagine life without it," she added.

This is big news for businesses and online advertisers because Facebook may connect consumers and advertisers more easily (and directly) than email.

Fast Company writes,

Sandberg cited one study which showed that people who receive product recommendations from their friends are 400% more likely to buy that product. On Facebook, this is encapsulated in the site's "like" feature. The study also revealed that friend-recommended products have 68% better product recognition and 200% greater memory of brand messaging.

See Sandberg's presentation below. Is email going away? Vote on the poll then tell us what you think in the comments section below!

WATCH: [via Business Insider]

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