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10 Couples Who Need Their Facebook Privileges Revoked

Couples on Facebook, we get it: you're in looooove. Now will you stop clogging our news feeds with your thrice-a-week date night check-ins and two-month anniversary commemorative statuses?

Below, 12 of the most annoying things couples do on Facebook. Recognize any of these behaviors? Kindly refrain from "friending" us.

1. They take their "I love you more" debates public.

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2. They give you a front-row seat to their make-out sessions.

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3. They let the whole world know things they could have communicated face-to-face.
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4. They share Facebook profiles.
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5. Just when you think they can't get any more annoying, they do.
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6. They're so in love, they can't be bothered to learn basic math.
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7. They pop the question on Facebook... using a Taco Bell hot sauce packet.
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8. They post photos of their brand new matching t-shirts.

9. And the matching tattoos they got for their one-month anniversary.
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10. And finally, they brag about the "cute things" they do for each other, to the disgust of all others.

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