Facebook DOWN For Some

If you're having issues accessing Facebook, you're not alone.

Users on Twitter are reporting Facebook downtime. In addition, Mashable notes:

At approximately 11:35 PM PT, we began to notice issues with the world’s largest social network. Soon the entire network went down for us, and it seems that we’re not alone.

There’s currently no word as to why Facebook is experiencing downtime issues, but we’re sending messages to our friends at Facebook to find out. We’re also noticing that some methods of posting to Facebook (e.g. Hootsuite) are still functional, so this may a limited outage.

Almost exactly a month ago, Facebook experienced what it said was its worst outage in four years.

Although it's working for HuffPost Tech, here's what some on Twitter are saying.

ddelony: Facebook goes down, productivity soars.

djdawkins36: facebook is down again and ive got homework! ive got to be somewhere by 3:30. come on facebook get back up!

Sharman1971: OMG!! Facebook is is a catastrophe!! LOL

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