Facebook etiquette and the terrible culture of spam

I have just about had it up to my ears about being SPAMMED via facebook messenger and now there is this trend where people leave an invite to join their group or like their page on your PERSONAL WALL. It's my space -- I do not appreciate having crap posted on it. 

I can still tolerate private messaging to an extent, but posting your garbage on my wall without a hello? without commenting on my statuses, without getting to know what I do? without building rapport with me? NO. YOU DON'T GET TO DO THAT.

If this is happening to you, speak up and stop this terrible culture of spam

First of all, my question is - WHO THE F%$K IS TEACHING THESE CRINGE WORTHY TACTICS? And here are some tips on how to use proper facebook etiquette and connect with people the RIGHT way:

Things you SHOULDN'T be doing on facebook:

1) Posting on someone's personal timeline with a link to your group, your page, or promoting any type of content they haven't asked you to share. This is considered (by 99%) people rude, spammy and disrespectful. If you have only one agenda to be on facebook: to gather likes or members in your group, let me break it to you: YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! Also, just because their wall is open, it isn't an open invitation to promote yourself.

Do this instead:

Say hi instead. Need a script? Copy and paste this if you must! "Hi, thanks for adding me. I'd love to know more about you! I'm from _______! Have a great day! Isn't that more approachable than dropping a link and risk looking like a complete, inconsiderate asshole?

2) Spamming their inbox with your group link, your facebook link, your latest MLM offer within 5 seconds of being friends on facebook. This is also considered spammy, rude and suggests you don't care for genuine engagement and are looking to make a quick buck. 

Do this instead:

Engage with them on their profile first (NOT by spamming their wall), but commenting on facebook statuses, liking or reacting to posts. This is considered PROPER engagement and likely they'll check out your page on their own and find a link to your business page, or group and (I've done this) inquire about your services!

3) Adding people into your group without their permission: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE! Just don't do it. It's again rude and spammy. Shows you don't care about building actual relationships or rapport. All you care about is yourself. You're engaging the wrong way and this is a fail safe way to get blocked and deleted. 

Do this instead:

Engage with them on their profile. Find out what they like and don't like. Figure out what they do, ask them questions about their business. People like to feel special and once you take the time to build some sort of connection with them, and then you privately invite them to your group - they most likely will join in. 

The main takeaway from this post should be: ENGAGEMENT. If you missed that point, take a step back and ask yourself "Am I making quality connections?", "How many people actually joined my group or liked my page?" "Have I made any sales?" and the questions go on....

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