Facebook Briefly Bans The Phrase 'Everyone Will Know'

Should this have given us such a creepy feeling?

Facebook blocked the phrase "everyone will know" for more than a day, but users are now once again able to post the seemingly innocuous three words.

"This was a mistake with our spam filter and our engineers have resolved the issue," Melanie Ensign of Facebook security communications told The Huffington Post. HuffPost also independently confirmed that the phrase can now be posted.

"We're constantly updating the rules used by our spam-fighting engine and this particular phrase erroneously got caught in the mix," she explained.

Ensign didn't know exactly how long the phrase had been banned. On Friday, someone asked on Question.com, “Why can't you post 'everyone will know' on Facebook?” Another user replied they also were unable to post the phrase as a status. On Sunday, a Reddit thread was filled with people claiming they were unable to post the phrase as a status or in a comment.

Before Facebook corrected the problem, we tried posting “Everyone will know” for ourselves, and got this message:


We even had trouble sending the phrase in a private message. Though the first time we sent “Everyone will know” the message appeared to go through, on subsequent attempts the phrase was blocked.


A few minutes later, though, even the initial message had been removed:


At least two Reddit users noted that when they posted the phrase, they received error messages that appeared to reference "liking" a post. One person when he or she first attempted to write “Everyone will know” as a comment, this message came up, appearing to refer to “liking” a post:

Another user described an almost identical issue, posting this screenshot. That user noted that the message only showed up after the failed comment attempt, writing, “I liked the picture five minutes earlier with no message, and this only popped up when I posted the comment, so I'm not sure why it would give me a warning about liking the post, though.”

We're glad there's some explanation for the apparent "everyone will know ban," because something about it left us with a deeply spooky feeling. Maybe it’s just getting too close to Halloween.

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Update: This post has been updated to indicate the issue has been resolved.

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