Now Facebook Users Can Add 'Expected: Child' To Their Profiles

New Profile Option Lets Facebook Users Share They're Expecting

Facebook users can now let their friends know when they are expecting a child, complete with due date and chosen baby name, the social networking blog Inside Facebook discovered Wednesday.

Users have been able to add family members with Facebook accounts to their profiles since December 2010, when Facebook last gave profile designs a major facelift. In February 2011 Facebook made further changes by inserting an option for a "civil union" and "domestic partnership," and now they have added an "Expected: child" field as well.

Here is what your new option to announce an expected child on Facebook looks like:

And here is what it looks like when you announce your incoming bundle of joy on your Facebook wall:

[Note to my mother: I am not expecting a child in February 2012].

To add this information to your profile, click on your profile, then "Edit Settings," followed by "Friends and Family." From the drop-down menu listing different relations, you can choose "Expected: Child" from other options such as "Daughter," "Father," or "Cousin: Female."

Though Inside Facebook reported that Facebook had been allowing them to tag friends as their expected children, that glitch appears to have disappeared. A user can, however, still enter her friend's names as her "Expected: Child," though that person's profile information will not be synced.

So, there you have it: expectant parents no longer have to create profiles for their unborn children with ultra-sounds as profile pictures.

We've contacted Facebook for a statement on the new feature.

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