Early Days of Facebook: Allegedly Damaging Details

Early Days of Facebook: Allegedly Damaging Details

It's safe to say that Mark Zuckerberg, the 25-year-old founder and CEO of Facebook, has seen better days.

Early Friday morning Nicholas Carlson, a senior editor at Business Insider, posted a nearly 3,600-word story that offers new details on the early years of Facebook, one of the most visited Web sites in he world. The story, a product of a two-year investigation, includes what Business Insider claims as "relevant" e-mail and instant message exchanges -- much of it made public for the first time -- that shows "a more complete picture of how Facebook was founded." Facebook did not confirm or authenticate the details, Carlson noted.

Accompanying the lengthy story are what Carlson described as "troubling" anecdotes, alleging that Zuckerberg, as a 19-year-old Harvard student, hacked into e-mail accounts of editors of the Harvard Crimson, the student paper, and also hacked into ConnectU, a rival social networking site.

Throughout the day, HuffPostTech will cover the fall-out from Carlson's stories. Check here for updates.

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