What Not To Do On Facebook Once You Friend Your Boss

What Not To Do On Facebook Once You Friend Your Boss

So, you've made the unfortunate decision of friending your boss on Facebook. First things first, check out your Facebook history and make sure you don't have any embarrassing photos or statuses. All clear? Now, make sure you do none of the following.

Talk about creeping on your co-workers

Keep it in your pants, ya perv.

Or discuss your illegal drugs habits

Probably not the best thing to talk about in public.

Admit you're just screwing around at work

We're assuming this guy wanted to get caught.

Tell the world you were late because of 'Candy Crush'

I don't know, maybe lie instead?

Offer proof you've been speeding in the company car

Speeding is dangerous. Stop bragging.

Announce you made up an illness to skip work

If you don't want someone to Google it, don't tell them not to Google it.

Publicly rip your boss

Keep your feelings private, or don't friend your boss.

And your job

Get over yourself.

Rant about company drug tests

Suspicious much?

Wait, you're ripping your boss again?

Broadcast your love for playing video games at work

No one thinks you are cool.

Publicize your thievery

If you're going to lie, make it plausible.

Wait, again with the boss-ripping?

You're going to regret this.

Be an idiot

Employee Of The Year, here.

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