13 Controversial Facebook Firings: Palace Guards, Doctors, Teachers And More

13 Controversial Facebook Firings: Palace Guards, Cops, Teachers And More

If you're going to complain about your job online, be sure to do it privately.

A recent study conducted by Nucleus Research found that of the 237 office workers examined, 61 percent used their Facebook account at work. But separate research shows that employees and employers have come across difficulties with social media sites in the workplace.

In August, the National Labor Relations Board, released a report based on their investigations into 14 cases of workers who had been fired over Facebook activity. In four of the cases they found the firing to be unlawful because the employee was engaged in "protected concerted activity." This means they were acting with fellow employees to initiate group action against a perceived injustice by their employer. In five of the cases the board concluded that the employee had been in the wrong and upheld the employer's decision.

Take a look at the slideshow (below) to see 13 controversial Facebook firings involving cops, doctors, palace guards and other employees whose comments, posts or pictures cost them a job. Then, check out our slideshow of 13 people who were arrested because of activities on the social network. You can also view our roundups of Twitter posts that got people fired and arrested, too.

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