Facebook Friend... Or Foe?

What causes you to defriend a Facebook buddy?

I stop short of defriending, which doesn't mean I'm not irritated by:

-Those who share tests that presume to tell me what my witch name is, how much of a millennial I am or what my true age is. Sure, I could ignore them, but then how would I know my witch name is Aleris, that I'm 62 percent in the millennial sphere and truly only 16?

-Hyperposters who report every activity and emotion, i.e, "There was a car crash at two in the morning outside my house, several people were critically injured, it woke me up, which was really unsettling because I slept in and was late for my breakfast with the Pope;"

-Assorted minor offenses that include changing a profile picture more often than I change my sheets, using a photo I know was taken decades ago and excessive self-promotion, i.e, "My book has climbed to number 387,592 on Amazon."

Today's New York Times reports that among all the other political divides, the Pew Research Center has found that 44 percent of liberals block those on Facebook who have opposing political views while only 31 percent of conservatives do it. Pew (did they do a study before choosing that name?) speculates this might be because conservatives are exposed to more like-minded postings than liberals. This sent me to my FB page, where the first post that rankled me was, indeed, from someone whose politics differ from mine. Responding to Monica Lewinsky's speaking out about bullying and the pain caused by public humiliation, she wrote:

"What the hell is it with what's-her-name, the former Human Humidor to Pres. Clinton, and this extended Pity Party Tour? The Internet ruined her? Risible. That's like putting your car in gear, throwing yourself under the wheels, then blaming the car for running you down. You're boring, kid. Go home."

She's talking about a girl, who at the age of 24, had an affair that led to her being ridiculed internationally and is now trying to reclaim some dignity and prevent others from experiencing similar emotional distress by enlightening us about the damage inflicted by those who bully and humiliate. It's led some in the press to express regrets that they'd been guilty. Instead of defriending this woman, I'd like to ask if she would express this vitriol if it had been her daughter.

Humor helps me cope with negative feelings. That led to my Breaking News Series, mosaics that comment on America's political, social and economic problems.


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