Some Of The Greatest Facebook Graph Searches So Far

'Married People Who Like Prostitutes' And Other Amazing Facebook Graph Searches

There's no doubt that Facebook's new Graph Search is creepy. There are privacy issues to worry about, sure. But there are also fun social experiments to be conducted!

Computer programmer and "Gadget Geek" Tom Scott already has Facebook Graph Search, and he's been searching for some incredible combinations. His Tumblr, Actual Facebook Graph Searches highlights the possibilities (and dangers) of Facebook's newest tool.

As the tool rolls out to more and more users, your information is more public than ever, so be sure to review your privacy settings. You may not have Graph Search yet, but many others do -- and they may be able to see the weird pages you've "liked" over the years. We advise taking a moment to look over your profile to ensure that you can't be found under "single men who like hamsters and sweater vests."

Check out some of the best Facebook Graph searches so far, courtesy of Tom Scott:

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Married People Who Like Prostitutes

Funny Uses Of Facebook Graph Search

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