Facebook Groups Are In, Fan Pages Are Out!

While the principles of marketing are constant, the channels business owners use to implement them are constantly changing. New social media platforms are popping up rapidly and when one of them gains popularity, it's important to be an early adopter so that you can ride its wave to success.

While Facebook has been available to the public for almost 10 years, you can still become an early adopter for one of its features that is rapidly gaining popularity in the entrepreneurial community right now.

That feature is Facebook Groups and here are five reasons why you don't want to miss out on this popular new marketing trend:

1. Free, Organic Growth. Business owners are fed up with the complicated Facebook algorithm that limits how many followers actually see the posts they make on their Fan Pages. Rather than pay for Facebook Advertising, businesses are choosing to ditch their Fan Pages altogether and instead migrate to Facebook Groups, where they can easily grow a following of their ideal clients and communicate with them for free.

2. Introvert-Friendly. Facebook Groups are the best place for introverted entrepreneurs to go in order to create deep connections with their followers without having to meet face-to-face. When you take a look at how many groups are labeled specifically for "Introverted Entrepreneurs" and how many Facebook Group leaders identify as introverts, it is clear there is a movement happening. Facebook Groups are showing us that you don't have to be an extrovert to be successful in business.

3. Tribes Thrive. Facebook Groups tap into the natural human desires for exclusivity and social acceptance. When groups are "Private," members have to be accepted in order to join. This allows you to choose members who will fit the vibe of your community. If they don't, you can reject the request or remove them from the group at a later date. Therefore, when a member is accepted, they feel like an insider in an exclusive community.

4. Engaging. Unlike Fan Pages, where one business is leading the conversation, Facebook Group members are a part of the same tribe and are therefore comfortable engaging with each other. In my Weekly Biz Exercises Facebook Group, it is not uncommon for my posts to easily receive over 100 likes and comments. My hunch is you would have to work very hard to see those numbers on your Fan Page posts. Next time you log into Facebook, take a look at how many people actually commented on your last Fan Page post, and let me know in the comments below.

5. Showcases Leaders. When you are the leader of the Facebook Group, you are able to position yourself as the expert. Your face and name appear everywhere, so the members feel your presence very strongly. Your members are grateful to you for creating and growing that space for them to connect with each other. Therefore, while others may be looked down upon for promoting their offers in your group, your group members expect to see your business talking about your offers.

Recently, Facebook announced a big milestone: one billion people were on Facebook at the same time on Monday August 24th. As Facebook's popularity gets this second wave, you will want to ride it and join the Facebook Group phenomenon while it is young.

It's your turn to share. Will you be keeping your Fan Pages or joining the Facebook Group phenomenon? How else do you create authentic and engaging relationships with your community? Do you know an introverted business owner who would benefit from reading this article? Let me know in the comments below!