The Facebook IPO Drinking Game

Here's Your Facebook IPO Drinking Game!

You might have heard that Facebook has its IPO on Friday. Now, depending on your preferences, you could earnestly follow this huge story, digging through all of the television, web, and print coverage for nuanced, original perspective; or you could use the day as an excuse to get absolutely blitzed starting the moment you wake up and turn on your TV (assuming you're 21-plus, of course).

If the latter sounds like you, then HuffPost's got you covered: Here are our rules for a Facebook IPO Drinking Game. The first of the Facebook IPO drinking game is, you shouldn't actually follow these rules, of course, or else you will almost certainly be hospitalized (or worse). The second rule is, if you got in on the IPO, you're buying the drinks (hat tip Twitter user @joxman).

And now, the Facebook IPO Drinking Game (to be coupled with our not-to-be-missed Facebook IPO Bingo):

And while we're at it, here are some Facebook IPO news stories from your favorite publications and writers to look out for on Friday:

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