The Best Music Video About Facebook's IPO You'll See Today

It's not only Friday, it's Facebook IPO Friday!

What better way to celebrate the end of the week/canonization of Mark Zuckerberg by Wall Street than with a little music from well-meaning people who want to thank Facebook?!

On the Thank You Facebook Song Facebook page, writer Deborah Torres Patel describes the creative process :

One morning in early 2012, this Facebook Song literally sang itself into my head while I was taking a shower.

I quickly recorded it into my computer so I wouldn't forget it.

"Thank You Facebook Song - Dedicated to its FB IPO," as it's is titled on You Tube, seems to have been an international effort, with total strangers from Italy, Australia, Singapore, the UK and Hollywood taking part in the creation of the Facebook IPO tribute.

The tune may not win any Grammys, but one YouTube commenter described it as being, "Like Christian Rock, but with 'Facebook' in the place of 'God.'" The enthusiasm, however, is undeniable.

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