A Facebook Job Board Would Be Great for the Economy

A Facebook Job Board would be good for the unemployed, good for the recruiters and great for the economy. A report from Nasdaq has stated that Facebook is set to release a job board this summer. Already, there are some job apps on Facebook such as BranchOut and Jobvite but this would be more significant.

Of all the time we spend online, one in every seven minutes is on Facebook. If the jobs board became a prominent feature on Facebook, for example, by displaying relevant job advertisements on your news feed based upon your interests, then that could only be a good thing. Most people can't find a job because they don't know where to look. This way, the jobs come to them.

Facebook has over 901 million users across the globe and this presents a unique advantage over other job sites. You'll be presented with more opportunities. Furthermore, although I'm guessing here, you'll be able to see which of your friends (or friends of friends) work at that company, allowing you to send a message and get a foot in the door.

Admittedly, LinkedIn already provides this feature -- but here's the thing, most of your connections are just people you've met once or twice. They're 'connections.' On Facebook, they're your friends and thus much more likely to lend you a helping hand. Potentially, you'll be able to find more jobs, get introduced to people that already work there, and get some work.

It's also of benefit to companies. More people have a Facebook account than any other social network, and those people use it on average nine hours per month. Companies will be able to reach a larger pool of talent and find someone quickly, perhaps with some built in filters such as a minimum level of education, or by geographical area.

So far, Facebook has kept quiet. However, in October last year they partnered with the U.S. Labor Department to bring three million jobs onto the social network. Could something similar be in line for the UK public sector as well? Would you like Facebook to gain a jobs board? Share your opinion in the comments below and like this article on Facebook using the buttons above.

Tom Church is a marketing and brand strategist for global companies. He writes at Communication Is The Key.