Facebook 'Thumbs Up' Record: Lulea, Sweden, Residents Form Massive 'Like' In Guinness World Record Attempt (PHOTO)

LOOK: Over 2,000 People Form Facebook 'Thumbs Up'


More than 2,400 people from Lulea, Sweden, attempted a new Guinness World Record when they formed an enormous Facebook "thumbs up" symbol on their frozen-over town harbor.

The "thumbs up" paid homage to Facebook's new server hub in Lulea -- the company's first outside of the United States. Lulea was selected for its access to renewable energy from nearby hydropower facilities and its cold climate, to keep the servers cool.

The event took place on Saturday -- the 75th day of the year -- and also celebrated the town's population growing over 75,000 residents, according to UPI.

The "thumbs up" gesture, made famous from Facebook's "Like" button, was submitted to the Guinness World Record committee for consideration as the largest human hand formed on ice.

According to Guinness, no such record "on ice" currently exists. However, the world record for largest human image of a hand was set in March 2012 when 849 participants in San Juan, Puerto Rico, achieved the feat to celebrate a Nestlé Puerto Rico healthy eating campaign.

The town will have their work cut out for them, though, if they hope to gain the most Facebook photo Likes in history with their thumbs up shot. That honor still belongs to President Obama's election night photo. To date, that image has more than 4 million Likes.

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