Facebook Live for Business

Whenever a new social media platform or feature comes out, businesses are skeptical & are slow to jump on-board potential new trends. I understand why... it is hard to take risks when you are company that has a lot at stake. However, the other argument is that it can be a risk not to try out new trends before they become the new norm.

Facebook Live is now available on personal pages, business pages, & even groups. If you are unsure about how to do Facebook Live there are many tutorials for that around the web, but in this post I want to discuss what you should cover when you broadcast via Facebook Live.

Go Behind the Scenes

Now is your opportunity to show all of the hard work that goes into running your business, & your audience will love having the opportunity to learn more about you & your business in a very real way.
  • If you are a photographer, you can virtually take people on a photoshoot with you. Show them how you set up your scene & what you look for in a great picture.
  • If you create products, you can take people on a tour of your manufacturing facility. This can increase trust if they can see where their products are being made.
  • If you own a restaurant, you can take people into the kitchen & let them watch the chef cook a meal. Let their mouths water!

Feature Your Employees

Your employees work hard & deserve some extra recognition. Plus, your clients love getting to know the people behind the company.
  • Create a set of questions & do a weekly series where you interview a different employee each week.
  • Let your employees takeover Facebook Live & broadcast out whatever their job entails.

Showcase Your Customers

Customers are rarely going to shy away from an opportunity to have some free publicity - especially if you are in a B2B environment. Facebook Live gives you the opportunity to give your clients an extra, "thank you."
  • Share success stories for services that you've provided.
  • Walk through case studies that you have done for a client.

Answer Questions

There are frequently asked questions & common concerns from customers in any business, & it can be a really great strategy to address those things head-on. Facebook Live gives you the opportunity to have a real conversation & be genuine with your audience.
  • Address FAQs & take questions live.
  • Talk about some common concerns & put minds at ease.

Teach Them Something

Facebook Live provides a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their expertise. You know the ins & outs of your industry, but it is likely that your audience does not!
  • If you own a bar, teach people how to mix a decent drink.
  • If you sell software, teach people how to use it.
  • If you teach courses, teach people a segment from something in your course.

The opportunities for Facebook Live are really endless, & I encourage you to get creative with it! Entertain & engage with your audience - they will appreciate it.

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