People Are Using Periscope And Facebook Live... While Driving

Don't do this.

Forget sending texts while driving. Some people are using Facebook Live and Periscope while they're behind the wheel. 

Stanley Roberts, host of the "People Behaving Badly" segment for KRON 4 in San Francisco, found at least two motorists engaging in video chat while driving. He called it "Face-Driving" and "Peri-Cruising."

As seen in the clip above, one driver was a woman doing her hair and showing off her tattoos on Periscope while another was a pastor trying to recruit members for his church on Facebook Live.

Roberts' followup reports showed drivers quickly deleting their live-driving videos, but no doubt finding out the hard way that nothing can ever be erased from the internet:

Live-driving has backfired several times, including an incident last year when Florida motorist Whitney Beall was arrested for allegedly using Periscope while driving drunk. She even titled her stream "drunk girl driving," according to Mashable. 

More recently, three men in Florida posted footage of themselves in a car showing off the spoils of an alleged burglary. So far, two of the three have been arrested -- and police said it was because of their Facebook Live video. 



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